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In contrast to banks and other financial institutions, those with credit union accounts own the organization and elect its board of directors by one person, one vote, regardless of the amount invested. Credit unions see themselves differently from traditional banks, with a mission to focus on the community and “serve people, not profit.”Many of the same financial services are offered by credit unions, but the terminology used by them is often different. Typical services include stock accounts (savings accounts), stock market accounts (current accounts), credit cards, stock certificates (deposit certificates), and online banking. Generally, only a credit union member can deposit or borrow money.

Surveys of bank and credit union customers have consistently shown significantly higher satisfaction rates with the quality of service provided by credit unions. In the past, credit unions have claimed to provide excellent service to members and are committed to helping members improve their financial situation.

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As part of financial inclusion, credit unions claim to offer their members a more comprehensive range of savings and credit products at a much lower cost than most microfinance institutions.

Credit unions are different from modern microfinance. In particular, members’ control over financial resources is the distinguishing feature between the cooperative model and modern microfinance. The current dominant microfinance model, whether provided by non-profit or for-profit institutions, places control of resources at the disposal of a handful of microfinance providers who benefit from a highly profitable industry.

Capital One Union Plus Credit Card Online Enrollment?

All users must complete this necessary one-time registration to access your Union Plus Credit Card Login account online. To start the process correctly, you can follow the little guide below:

  • Visit www.unionplus.capitalone.com
  • The green Join Now button will take you to the Capital One registration page.
  • Fill out the first field with your last name on the page
  • Then enter your Social Security number or ITIN number or bank account number
  • Finally, you must join your date of birth.
  • Click the Find Me button to find your Union Plus Credit Card Account Login in the system.

Capital One Registration Follow the onscreen instructions and enter your Union Plus Credit Card Login information and other details. You must verify your account and do the rest to complete the registration process.

Get Online Access By Registering

Suppose you are a new Union Plus credit card holder or a customer who has never registered with the Capital One system to access their Union Plus Credit Card Account Login online. In that case, the registration process will also work for you. To do this, you must configure online access.

  • Visit Capital One’s Union Plus Credit Card Login website at www.unionplus.capitalone.com
  • Access the Union Plus Credit Card Login page by clicking the “Login” link in the upper right corner
  • At the bottom of the page, click the Set Up Online Access link under theUnion Plus Credit Card Capital One Sign In button.
  • Please enter basic information about yourself, such as your last name, SSN/ITIN or bank account number, and date of birth, to start the registration process and set up online access to your UnionPluscard account.

Online Access To Union Plus Credit Card Accounts

Once logged into the new Capital One system, you can access your Union Plus Credit Card Login account online anytime. connection


  • Visit www.unionplus.capitalone.com
  • You can log in by clicking the Union Plus Credit Card Login link in the upper right corner of the home page
  • Enter the username and password associated with your Union Plus Credit Card Login account.
  • If you want to log in on your device, check the “Remember me” box.
  • Click the green “Login” button to Union Plus Credit Card Account Login.


Step 1: If this is your first time managing your Union Plus Credit Card Account Login online, you will need to register to access your account. On the home screen, click the “Union Plus Credit Card Payment Login” button, which will take you to the page below. Please enter your social security number’s last four digits and your actual credit card account number. Enter the code in the signature field and the expiry date of your card. Create a Union Plus Credit Card Login I.D. and password. Enter your email address and confirm.

Step 2: Choose your statement submission preference. Review and print the electronic disclosure. Please check the box to indicate your acceptance of the terms. Decide which email notifications you would like to receive about your account by checking the appropriate boxes.

Step 3: Provide your mobile number if you prefer to receive SMS notifications on your mobile. Click the gray Next button to complete the setup process.


Residents of the 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and U.S. military locations can apply for the UnionPluscard:

  • Dues-paying members of participating unions
  • retired trade unionists
  • Members working in America
  • Union family members may also be eligible

Union Card Products Require Approval

  • A cardholder can only receive a grant if their UnionPluscard account is in good standing at the time of application.
  • A cardholder may receive only three rewards of each reward type per UnionPluscard account during their lifetime, but not more than one reward per reward type per year.
  • A cardholder can only receive one grant of each grant type for a single claim event, even across multiple accounts.
  • A cardholder can only claim claims that occurred at least three months after becoming a cardholder.

For more information about these hardship assistance grants and eligibility criteria, visit UnionPlus.org/Assistance or call Union Privilege at 202-293-5330. Cardholders receive full details when they receive their card. Specific administrative tasks of the plan have been delegated to Union Privilege. Union Privilege is a non-profit organization created to create and oversee employee benefit programs for working families. Coverage may be underwritten and administered by companies not affiliated with Union Plus Mastercard or Capital One Union Plus, N.A. is connected.

Apply For A Union Plus Credit Card Online

Any current member or family member of a participating union, a retired member of an association in good standing, or a Working America member who is a lawful resident of the 50 United States, Washington D.C., or the United States Forces is eligible for Union enrollment. No more credit cards.

Consumers who received an offer in the mail and those who did not receive such a pre-selected offer can apply for the Union Plus Credit Card Log On. While applying for a Union Plus credit card online using your custom invite code allows you to easily apply, you will receive a response in just 60 seconds.Union-Plus-Credit-Card-Scholarship-program If you are a pre-screened customer who received the pre-screened offer letter in the mail and would like to apply for one of the three Capital One Union Plus Credit Card Log On, you can proceed as follows.

  • Visit www.theunioncard.com
  • Scroll down, and a title bar will appear. Click the “Reply now” link next to “You received an email offer” at the top center of the bar.
  • Enter the 10-digit invite code in the space provided on the page (if you can’t find the code in the offer letter, hover over the image next to “Need help finding your offer code invite?” to see the instructions provided)
  • Click the green PROCEDURE TO APPLICATION button to proceed with your application.

Union members who are not pre-qualified and do not have an invite code can still receive the Capital One Union Plus credit card. To do this, go to the same page www.theunioncard.com. Select the card that suits you and click the green “Apply Now” button in the card section.

Union Plus Credit Card Features

All cards have different benefits and features. Some of them are card-specific, but others can be used by all Union Plus Mastercard holders regardless of card type, such as:

  • no annuity
  • Loss or theft of cards is not subject to fraud liability
  • After three months of subscribing to the card, you are entitled to assistance in case of difficulties.
  • All grants are paid by check and never have to be repaid.
  • Union Plus AT&T Refunds
  • Discounts at Teleflora, Union Plus Motor Club, and car rental
  • Masterrental’s comprehensive insurance, identity theft solution services, price protection, and other Union Plus Mastercard benefits.
  • 24/7 customer support in the United States

Benefits Of Having A Union Plus Credit Card

No overage fees

One of the best things about the Union Plus Mastercard is that there is no charge for going over the limit. You certainly have a credit limit and must stay within those limits. However, there are times when you accidentally go over your credit limit without even knowing it. This service is free of charge. Make sure you cover your amount above the threshold plus the minimum on the next due date, and you should be fine.

Payment in advance

Another great advantage of the Union Plus credit card is the ability to withdraw money. Not all credit cards allow this, but Union Plus does. The fee for cash advances is 4% or a minimum of $10, whichever is greater.Union-Plus-Credit-Card-BenefitsNo foreign transaction fees

You can take that credit card abroad without worrying about swiping it because there are no overseas transaction fees. International transaction fees are a massive burden for many travelers. The Union Plus credit card is perfect for international use as you don’t have to worry about extra or hidden charges when browsing in another country.

Returns and discounts

Union Plus has partnered with many companies to provide cashback benefits to their members, especially cardholders. When using the Union Plus Credit Card Log On, you can get various discounts and rebates from significant companies like AT&T, Teleflora, Union Plus Motor Club, and car rental companies.


There are very few, if any, credit cards that provide emergency financial assistance to their members. Union Plus Credit Card Account Login offers this type of support to union members through scholarships, and if you have been a cardholder for at least three months, you may qualify. You can get allowances, including job loss, strike, disability, and hospital allowances.

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Common Questions

How do I check my Union Plus credit card balance?

The best way to check your balance is to sign up for online banking at: https://www.capitalonecardservice.com/ecare/home_nli. You can also call Capital One Union Plus Credit Card Customer Service at 800-622-2580. I hope this helps.

What is the initial credit limit for the Union Plus credit card?

The initial credit limit for a Union Plus credit card depends on several factors and is disclosed upon opening the account. It is determined by the applicant’s creditworthiness, annual income, the current level of debt, and overall creditworthiness.

Whatever your initial credit limit, you can increase it by establishing your relationship with the issuer and keeping your account current. On the other hand, in case of default or high debt, the bank can lower your credit limit without notice.

What is the Union Plus Credit Card Signup Bonus?

The Union Plus credit card has no sign-up bonus. However, if your account is healthy after three months of opening, you may be eligible for so-called “hardship grants” (such as severance pay, hospitalization, or disaster relief grants). For more information on eligibility for these grants, call the Union Plus Credit Card Phone Number on the back of your card.

About Union Plus Credit Card

The credit union, a type of financial institution similar to a bank, is a non-profit financial cooperative owned by its members. Credit unions often provide members with similar services to retail banks, including deposit accounts, lending, and other financial services. There are several African countries where credit unions are called SACCOs (Sociedades Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito).

Credit unions worldwide vary significantly in their total assets and average institutional asset size, from voluntary organizations to large financial institutions with billions of dollars in assets. Global credit union membership was 274 million in 2018, with nearly 40 million new members since 2016.Union Plus Credit Card Office Before the 2007-2008 financial crisis, commercial banks made about five times as many subprime loans as credit unions and were twice more likely to fail during the crisis. U.S. credit unions more than doubled lending to small businesses between 2008 and 2016, from $30 billion to $60 billion, while total small business loans fell by about $100 billion during the same period. In the United States, public trust in credit unions is 60%, compared to 30% for large banks. In addition, small businesses are 80% less likely to be dissatisfied with a credit union than with a large bank.

“Individual credit unions” (also called “individual credit unions” or “consumer credit unions”) serve individuals, as opposed to “corporate credit unions” that serve other credit unions.


We work to improve the quality of life for working families through our products and services, then and now. As union members, we believe that supporting them during good times and wrong keeps them strong, which is why we offer one-time financial support, including strike pay and other hardship Union Plus Credit Card Payment Login, to support members, associations, and their families.

Union members chose union Plus benefits for union members. Our employees are members of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU), Location 2 in Washington, D.C., and our Voluntary Board comprises top union leaders from more than 60 international unions. It is chaired by ‘AFL-CIO President Elizabeth H. Shuler.

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