The scholarship program is open to students attending or intending to attend a college or university, community college, technical college, or business school. Scholarship applicants are evaluated on their academic ability, social awareness, financial need, and work appreciation. Current and retired union members participating in a Union Plus program, their spouses, and dependent children (including adopted children, stepchildren, and any other children for which the individual member is responsible for more than 50% of the dependent load) are eligible for a Union Plus Allowance. Union Plus Credit Card members from Puerto Rico, Canada, Guam, and the Virgin Islands and US citizens are eligible to participate. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is recommended.

Union Plus Scholarship Program



Low value granted


Large sum granted

Admission Conditions

  • Checkmark Must be an undergraduate or graduate student
  • Check Must attend college, four-year college, two-year college, or technical collegeUnion-Plus-Credit-Card-Scholarship-program

What you need for the app:

  • TickOther – reference letter; union information
  • Check the request form
  • Tick test
  • Check the Financial Needs Analysis


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Credit unions offer many of the same financial services as banks, but they often use different terminology. Typical services include stock accounts (savings accounts), stock market accounts (current accounts), credit cards, stock certificates (deposit certificates), and online banking. Generally, only a member of a credit union can deposit or borrow money.

Surveys of bank and credit union customers have consistently shown significantly higher satisfaction rates with the quality of service provided by credit unions. In the past, credit unions have claimed to provide excellent service to members and are committed to helping members improve their financial situation. As part of financial inclusion, credit unions claim to offer their members a wider range of savings and credit products at a much lower cost than most microfinance institutions.